About Us:

Just Focus Online Learning

Just Focus Online Learning, a small, woman-owned business, was founded in April 2023 by a former middle school math teacher Jessica Page. In her second year of teaching Jessica earned the highest growth scores for learning gains at her middle-high school. Now Jessica wants to share her knowledge and help close learning gaps by organizing concise instructional videos into thoughtfully curated self-paced courses.

Jessica first fell in love with mathematics in elementary school after being placed in the advanced math class. She went on to study and receive a Bachelor of Science in Middle Grades Mathematics Education at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, North Carolina. She helped students pass various math classes as a personal tutor, participated in the AVID program at a local middle school, and was identified as an exemplary student intern in her county with her student-teaching semester earning her the Dean’s List. Before founding Just Focus Online Learning, Jessica taught sixth and seventh grade math for three years at a rural Title I school. She was then both a grade level manager and seventh grade math content specialist for two and half years at a charter school.

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As an overworked public-school teacher, Jessica realized that her potential to impact change in education was limited to those in power above her. She decided to create her own online learning company, a business focused on educating as many middle school students as possible. Within a matter of months she went from an idea to‚Ķ well, all of this:¬†online courses,¬†free YouTube playlists,¬†printable downloads for mathematics, and¬†resources for both personal and professional growth. She currently enjoys working from her home as a solopreneur in Jacksonville, Florida, living with her husband Nathan, who's also an educator, and their three pets. They value family and community, which is why 15% of all sales go back to educators and students through the¬†‚ÄúTreat a Teacher Giveaway‚Ä̬†and the¬†‚ÄúJust Focus on Our Future Fund‚ÄĚ.¬†

Jessica believes that engaged learning happens when students have a connection with their teachers, which is why she has initiated a social media strategy that not only educates the public, but also encourages positive interaction with learning materials. Students who are excited to learn are more likely to engage with the material, which further helps them retain knowledge.

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Those students who are enrolled in Just Focus Online Learning’s middle school math courses have access to our supplemental learning videos. These lessons can be used to correct prior misconceptions, encourage comfortability with difficult concepts, or even enhance the student journey for advanced learners. Online members at Just Focus are assigned an individualized username which creates a personalized learning journey. Students can play, pause, and rewind the materials at their own pace or even add comments to individual videos requesting additional clarification if needed.

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Whether you are homeschooling your children, a brand new middle school math teacher, or a principal attempting to successfully transition students to the next grade level, let Just Focus Online Learning help your students thrive. 


We are enrolling now for our Back to School courses, which open in the Fall of 2023.  Give your students confidence to conquer their fears and the ability to fix their misunderstandings by studying the foundational concepts needed to be successful this upcoming school year.