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Just Focus Online Learning was founded to effect positive change in education by creating thoughtfully curated self-paced courses while also building connections with students and their families through positive interactions with mathematical concepts.


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Close learning gaps with supplemental, pre-recorded, middle school math instructional videos. Enrollment is now open! 


About Us

Learn from the founder of Just Focus Online Learning, Jessica Page, about her hopes for impacting change in education by developing a community through social media series, online courses, and donating 15% of all sales through teacher giveaways and a fund dedicated to supporting students.


Free Resources

#Just Focus with Jessica and learn something new! Find short mathematical activities accompanied by follow-along videos. 


7th Grade Math Formulas

See if you recognize all of the formulas a 7th grader should know, for example: using the Percent Equation to find the missing part, whole, or percent; finding Area and Circumference of a Circle using the radius; or simplifying expressions using the Laws of Exponents. 



Student Tesimonials

Read what former students had to say about Jessica's teaching style

"I appreciate you because you have pressured me to do better, do my work and study when I don't understand."

- Janiyah

"You are the best teacher ever! You really help me with math, even when I don't really want to do it or I don't understand- you're there. I never really got Bs in math, I think once in 4th grade. I only got Cs or Ds, but not with you."

- Hannah

"You have taught me so much math and helped me along the way. Even though math is my weakness, your class has made it better."

- Odyna

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